Global Expansion
global expansion

Scale your business and team into new international markets

How we help our clients expand internationally

Our deep relationships and knowledge of scaling fast-growth businesses enable us to connect, launch and build within new markets across the globe. Our network spans some of the major tech ecosystems in the world including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Europe, Singapore, Ireland and Israel.

Think & Grow is a registered supplier to the Victorian and NSW Government having delivered multiple programs with service excellence and high praise from participants. 

What is Global Expansion?

Global Expansion is an end-to-end service that manages and advises on the Go/No Go essentials to act as a supportive and knowledgeable growth partner as you expand internationally.

With our support, expertise and global network, you’ll fast-track your growth to new heights and markets. We can help you with:

  • In-depth and current market knowledge and research
  • Making your first key hires and sourcing an office in the new location 
  • Beneficial partnerships and connections within the new market 
  • The ability to test a new proposition or product 
  • PR, marketing and events 
  • Acquiring your first customers 

Our team are dedicated to helping founders gauge the markets and locations that will be most effective to expand into, as well as handling and advising on the other essentials required to make the expansion a success. 

+New Market Sales

In addition to our Global Expansion service, we can help you win your first customers in the new market.

By becoming partners, members of our team can understand your product or service then start making your first sales in the new market and test the proposition to warm contacts we have in our community. 

This is an ‘add-on’ service which you have the option to take advantage of alongside Global Expansion.

Start-ups need outside eyes and ears to see their blindspots and guide them through the venture capital world. Think and Grow have been more impactful, generating more value for us in this short amount of time than any of the other consultants we have engaged with and spent far too much money on!


- Ryan Ballantyne, Managing Director at Canngea

The Going Global Program

Think & Grow has partnered with Investment NSW to support Australian tech businesses enter and secure outcomes in the UK market. 

Combining knowledge of the UK tech ecosystem, subject matter, and industry expertise as well as exchanging client base and networks, Going Global was designed for new market knowledge and entry. 

In 2022, we supported two separate cohorts of MedTech and FinTech Australian businesses expand into the UK. A few of the companies in the 2022 cohorts:


With a lot of opportunity and blue ocean, the really hard part for us has been in which order to execute. Working with Think & Grow has been useful as a sounding board to structure our growth, setting the strategy of expansion and setting things in motion.


- Clayton Daniel, Managing Director at XY Advisor


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