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Christophe Hovette

 Head of Delivery in Sydney

I am a passionate learner with a curious, creative and growth mindset.
Christophe Hovette

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I am a passionate learner with a curious, creative and growth mindset. My learning journey has enabled me to develop and apply a range of skills over the years from Recruitment, Business Development, Digital Marketing to Digital Design.

I am currently working as the Head of Delivery at Think & Grow, my role is to lead Exec Searches with some of the most exciting businesses and senior talents in the market :)

Previously, I joined Mable as the 1st TA when the company was scaling at 700+% and I was initially looking after all Mable hires across the organisation. A year later, my remit was focusing on hiring talents across Engineering, Data and Product. I brought 130+ amazing talents in the organisation. Mable is an awesome scale up business whose profit for purpose mission is transforming the aged care and disability support sectors. Mable's mission is to improve peoples' lives by making access to community support affordable and easy.

I'm currently working at Mitchellake and the main part of my role is to find some of the most talented people globally - my generalist learning mindset has enabled me to develop a wide understanding of roles and their requirements for small to global organisations across a wide range of specialities. Working mainly on C-Level Executive retained search at the moment - I found people all over the world for some of the most interesting and disruptive businesses out there. I worked on roles such as CEO, CTO, COO, CPTO, CIO, CPO, CAO, etc...

Previously, I used to work for a company called PageUp, an Australian HR Tech company. Recruited by the CEO, I joined in order to look after the APAC recruitment needs as the company was scaling in new markets. I covered SEA (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines) and Australia for sales and Engineers/UX leadership roles across the region (Reported to CEO & Global CHRO).

On the side, I have been learning across multiple spaces, improved my overall digital/graphic design skills over the year, dive into AI and qualified for the final of the Stanford Entrepreneurship Program pitch, learn some bit of programming and developed my understanding of product design & development.

Most favourite books (2021 Update):
- "Think like a monk"​ by Jay Shetty
- "Lives of the Stoïc: The art of living from Zeno to Marcus Aurelius"​ by Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman
- "The Socrates Express"​ by Eric Weiner
- "Can't hurt me" by David Goggins
- "Stillness is the key"- Ryan Holiday
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