Bringg is a high growth delivery & fulfillment saas platform. See how we helped Bringg with their international expansion into Australia!

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Bringg is a cloud platform connects, automates and orchestrates supply chain technology, people and providers, making innovative delivery and fulfillment models accessible and valuable to everyone.

Bringg works with the likes of Walmart and McDonalds, as well third-party delivery businesses like DoorDash, giving companies the ability to optimize driver schedules, automatically dispatch orders, allow drivers to communicate their availability and in turn communicate to drivers by way of smart alerts to make sure deliveries are picked up, queued and delivered on time. Other services that Bringg can offer to customers include helping them run click-and-collect schemes, manage “crowdsourced” fleets, and returns.

We spoke with Gonen Gershuni, former co-sell program leader under the Alliances group at Bringg for 'best practice' tips for building partnerships when expanding internationally, and how our Land & Expand offering helped with Bringg's intial launch in Australia.

H: Was the Australian market on Bringg’s agenda before we started our conversations?

Before we started our conversations, we were looking at the Australian market from an opportunistic perspective, exploring it and keeping an open mind on the option of engaging with potential prospects within the market. Of course, we understood its huge potential, but the fact that we did not have a physical presence within the market was a hindrance for our potential growth as, if you're not physically located there, establishing and building relationships with key stakeholders is very challenging. 

Opportunities came and went, and we took them with arms wide open. When the time came for us to take a deeper look into the Australian market, we knew that we had to have a strategic partner or strategic partners physically located there to help us fuel this growth.

H: What is it about Think & Grow’s Growth-as-a-Service offering that drew you to work with us?

I had a past acquaintance with Hugo, which was made through Aleph, one of our key investors. I've been very thankful for having known him prior to his relocation to Australia as it really helped in cementing the trust and an initial relationship. That was very key to both sides feeling comfortable very quickly. 

A new partnership with Think & Grow began with having the conversation with Hugo and JJ, which helped form the understanding that Think & Grow are the market leaders when it comes to anything related to a partnership. And for me, it was a very easy decision to make. I knew that with Think & Grow, based on their huge experience in helping high growth, international companies penetrate the Australian market with such huge credentials, it was a sure bet.

What's really exciting (and also unique) with Think & Grow are two key parameters:

  1. Think & Grow has a tremendously powerful network of senior stakeholder relationships across the Australian landscape and also outside of Australia which is key when trying to build rapport or a relationship with your prospects. Cold outreach to prospects can get you in the door, but it's going to take way longer when you don't have a pre-existing relationship with these senior stakeholders. As Think & Grow’s relationships are based on their past experience and work delivered in terms of successful projects and deployments and implementations and successes way beyond the initial KPIs, this serves as a major trust builder when a new vendor like Bringg enters the market.

  2. The partners at Think & Grow are fantastically knowledgeable individuals. From bridging the points of technical understanding to relationship building and management. When you combine these factors, that's the holy trifecta. The human side, the tech side and then the connector between vendor and partner.

H: How has Think & Grow’s Australian connectivity helped you drive forward the sales process? 

The key vision and strategy were to enable an additional revenue maker for the company in the form of pipeline generation and expediting the sales cycles. Think & Grow have helped us to expedite sales cycles through the alleviation of this initial phase where we did not have to do cold outreach to prospects, trying to see if they were in buying mode or if they were indeed looking for a solution like ours.

Within less than a year of working together, we've seen a substantial pipeline being generated. We’ve seen their immense value shine from the very early stages of establishing such discussions with prospects. Additionally, Think & Grow have enabled us to initiate new discussions, bringing to the table new potential prospects that we hadn’t previously considered.

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