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Niclas Wessblad

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I'm an experienced Talent Acquisition leader and strategist with over 15 years experience in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment. Over the last 10 years, I've been responsible for setting up the recruitment function from scratch for several successful Australian tech start-ups (Campaign Monitor, Hipages, Bigcommerce, Uno, Sonder, Flare), while being hands on in hiring. I hold a Bachelor in Business and Economics, combined with a Trade school degree in Computer Science.

I'm partnering with start-ups/early stage ventures to kick start their Talent Acquisition/Recruitment function during aggressive hiring sprints and growth periods. I'm also doing Talent Acquisition audits for already established companies who might need help with reviewing their current recruitment process, and training HR/Recruitment teams on recruitment best practises, and exclusive Search Assignments for a few selected companies.

With over 14 years worth of experience in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Operations, I have picked up a few best practices that can have a profound impact on the growth of an organisation and help with scaling and setting up the Talent Acquisition function while working on Hiring, Candidate Experience, Culture, Onboarding and Employer Branding. I help businesses in an advisory or consulting capacity adopt those best practices and avoid costly mistakes.

If you are looking to scale your recruitment function or need help with a tricky search - please get in touch.
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