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Amy Pham

 Lead Analyst in Singapore


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A lead analyst from RGF Executive Singapore specializing in the Technology desk.

RGF is the global brand of Recruit Holdings, the world’s fourth largest recruiting and information service company and the largest in Japan, generating over US$16 billion in net annual sales.

For more than 56 years, RGF provides comprehensive HR solution and talent acquisition services which include retained and contingency executive recruitment and market mapping, senior to staff level specialist and contract recruitment as well as payroll services.

RGF operates in more than 46 offices across 26 cities in 11 countries and markets in Asia with in-country specialist consultants.

The Recruit Group is comprehensively involved in the management of job vacancy websites and publication of job-search magazines, human resources education, etc. In each of these areas we have a profound expertise, and with the synergy between these areas we increase our value as a recruitment business with thought leadership.

Within this group, RGF International recruitment is developing the business of human resources introductions, and providing support for job seekers. We are Japan's #1 organization in our field. RGF International recruitment presence in Asia is expanding with our growing presence in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.
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