We provide access to a global network of humans motivated by the challenges of business growth and transformation.

Board Services

At Think & Grow we believe that a strong, diverse, independent and experienced board is critical to the success of a business.

Through our board advisory, board assessment and director recruitment services, we help fast growth tech businesses evolve through different phases of growth.

We are passionate about building balanced, diverse boards with relevant operational and leadership experience complemented with skills and broad thinking. We believe boards act as a built-in mechanism for mentorship, whilst providing the governance and strategy oversight that high-risk, fast-growth companies need as they scale.

We combine our own market insight with thorough assessment to help build a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and thereby maximise their organisational effectiveness.

Board advisory
We run a workshop with the board of directors and founders to review skillsets and strategy in order to produce a blueprint of board composition. Gaining a deeper understanding of business strategy and individual’s skillsets, as well as alignment across the board, allows us to make recommendations on gaps and board composition/hires needed to take you through the next 24 months of growth.

Board selection
Based on an understanding of specific requirements, we are able to execute a global search and assessment. Given our global track record and network, we leverage our existing network of tens of thousands of candidates to ensure you meet the very best candidate for the role.

Consulting & Advisory

We provide customers with an independent assessment that will help to optimise their organisation around people by aligning growth strategies with talent roadmaps, current skills and budgets.

We help customers optimise their organisation around people. This specialist consulting includes organisational design, talent strategy, skills benchmarking and a review of total reward to help businesses execute their growth strategies and scale in a sustainable way. Our methodology has been developed utilising global best practices in-use by the best organisations locally and abroad.

We look to fully understand your business strategy and culture, learn about your immediate and long-term goals, as well as alignment across the teams. Following assessment of the team, our researchers will compare your organisation to global best practices and make recommendations. The output of our work has varied from complete business wide reorganisation to suggestions of new critical hires to remapping of goals and reward models.


We love partnering with pioneering business leaders, helping them turn great ideas into reality and so are now offering an on-site hiring service to help kickstart your next growth phase.

Our Onsite hiring sprint is designed to accelerate growth by blending consulting and advisory with our search methodology. A member of the Think & Grow team will embed themselves into your business for a period of time, helping to set you up for long-term, sustainable growth and success.

By optimising the full recruitment lifecycle – from strategy and planning to employer brand to hiring to onboarding – we can help resource you through a ramp up whilst keeping costs per hire low.

With deep subject matter expertise and networks having made hires across engineering, product, management, design, data, growth, marketing and commercial functions for the past 15 years, we are able to move quickly and demonstrate impact and results early on.

We design and build specific recruitment solutions that make sense for your business. This includes the hiring of your P&C and Talent Acquisition Team, building hiring methodology, process and systems, as well as employer branding, partnerships and onboarding services.

In short, our on-site service supports you through a hiring sprint whilst keeping costs low and quality high. By managing the entire process and sitting “in-house”, we ensure we are deeply aligned on what success means and getting you results.

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