New Market Entry
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What is New Market Entry?

As an emerging brand and founder in a new market, ecosystem and network, you will need to make some noise so people know you're there. 

From roundtables to PR to brand awareness campaigns to networking panels and events; we'll help you make the noise you need to (at the volume you need it to be) and gain a competitive advantage in a new market.


How New Market Entry can help you, as a founder

We all know that life as a founder can feel lonely at times and certainly presents its fair share of challenges. Entering a new market is exciting and adventurous, but it can also feel daunting, overwhelming and exhausting. 

Securing partnerships, connections and friendships within relevant circles in your new market will significantly increase your chances of success; new introductions to top talent, untapped reach and resources, opened doors to funding, and the ability to get a leg up on your competition. 

Working with Think & Grow has been useful in operating as a sounding board to structure our growth, setting the strategy of expansion, locking in the things that need to be done, and setting things in motion.


- Clayton Daniel, CEO of Ensombl (formerly XY Advisor)

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