Health Check

What is the Health Check Workshop?

So, you know your business has blockers and challenges preventing rapid growth and delivery. This workshop reviews your processes and team to identify growth methods without obstacles. Some examples of what we will cover after doing a full analysis of your business: 

  • Founder & leadership alignment
  • Time management 
  • Roles & responsibilities 
  • People/talent needed to drive growth and hit specific targets 
  • Communication and collaboration within the business 
  • Potential investment opportunities 
  • Organisational design & team structure 

Starting from the top to bottom, this workshop defines the overall 'wellness' of your business and provides clear recommendations and outcomes that you can implement moving forward. 

Think & Grow's workshop was truly transformative. Through their expert guidance, I was able to achieve organisational alignment, focus and gain a valuable sounding board for my ideas, while also engaging in deep self-reflection.


- Steve Taitoko, Founder & CEO of Eratos 

Let’s connect our humans.

Don’t just think, act.

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