Global / Local Expansion
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What is our Expansion Services?

Entering new global markets requires knowledge, expertise, and connections prior to and during the expansion strategy. Our end-to-end service offers: 

  • Go-No-Go
  • Competitive Analysis 
  • User Research Feedback
  • Location Strategy 
  • Key Hires & Teams


How can our Expansion Services help you scale?

Our deep relationships and knowledge of scaling fast-growth businesses enable us to connect, launch and build within new markets across the globe. Our network spans some of the major tech ecosystems in the world including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Europe, Singapore, Ireland and Israel. 

We are a registered supplier to the Victorian and NSW Governments, having delivered multiple expansion programs with service excellence and high praise from participants.

Start-ups need outside eyes and ears to see their blindspots and guide them through the venture capital world. Think and Grow have been more impactful, generating more value for us in this short amount of time than any of the other consultants we have engaged with and spent far too much money on!


- Ryan Ballantyne, Managing Director of Canngea 

Let’s connect our humans.

Don’t just think, act.

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