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What is the Founder Alignment Workshop?

As the key driver of growth, founders/co-founders must be aligned in the direction and strategy, and the role they play in that strategy. This workshop delivers ultimate clarity and structure for founders.

We will learn all about your company and conduct an analysis so that we can provide completely tailored feedback and guidance in the workshop. We will cover:

  • Your leadership styles, experience across the board, and clear outcomes needed to be driven by the team and gaps that will prevent those outcomes from happening (missing skill sets, experience, knowledge).
  • Roles & responsibilities: Identify misalignments and differing views on foundational elements such as values and pitches. We will also reveal the true time management of leadership and add our own recommendations for new time management to optimise for growth. 

And much more to assist the founder/s become aware of the missing pieces in their business and understand how to solve their challenges moving forward. 

The founder workshop by Think & Grow was a game-changer for me. Not only did it help me achieve organisational alignment, focus and provide a sounding board for my own ideas, but it also facilitated invaluable self-reflection that I'll carry with me throughout my entrepreneurial journey.


- Steve Taitoko, Founder & CEO of Eratos

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