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What is Executive Search

Innovators and leaders of the new economy are a pioneering breed. As veterans in executive search for digital transformation, our unique methodology combines search, coaching and strategy, proven to fast-track growth.

With a deep understanding of your culture, the roles needed, and alignment across all decision-makers, we source high-calibre talent through our global network and community. 

How is it different from traditional Executive Search services?

Our unique methodology is designed with: 

  • Alignment between us, founders and hiring managers on the roles needed during the growth phase you're currently in and the phase you need to get to.
  • A deep understanding of your culture so we can find the perfect personality fits for your team. 
  • Coaching and advisory for interviewing, onboarding and skill-searching. 
  • Communication throughout so everyone involved in the hiring process is on the same page and the candidates are well-informed. 

Think & Grow are well-positioned given their extensive international networks and recruitment expertise. They delivered high-quality candidates to a very specific brief and ultimately, high-caliber executives.



- Dr Peter Cronin, Founder & Director of Propsection 

My experiences with Think & Grow have been extremely positive. The level of communication and clarity throughout the selection process really sets them apart from other recruitment firms. 


- Craig Biggs, Amplify Now 

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