Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

We conduct a series of surveys and workshops with your executives (as a team or individually) to assess and review the opportunities for alignment and advancement of skills, traits and ways of working. 

What can Executive Coaching achieve for you and your business?

We commonly see executives in fast-growth organisations struggling to find the support and headspace to think creatively, lead others and solve problems. And yet, they’re a founder’s greatest ally.

Our in-house coaches provide strategy and support for change-leaders so they can be their best and make the impact necessary for growth. For this reason, we’ve found this service to be an effective driver of retaining top talent. 

I’ve worked with a lot of consultants over the years; we felt like that we got a lot of their time and that Think & Grow was invested in our business. Compared to a lot of other consultants, they have a lot of experience working with tech companies.


- David Vitek, Founder & CEO of hipages

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