Strengthen soft skills
Develop practical skills
Train technical skills

Retrained is a people-focussed program that combines mentoring, coaching and accredited training to future proof careers, transfer and build essential skills into the new economy.

With a unique focus on people, Retrained provides the link between soft and hard skills, real support and employment needs. Our solutions help great people to transition, future proof themselves and confidently pivot into what makes them great. In turn, helping businesses and governments broaden talent pools, capability and strengthen the economy.

In 2021, Retrained helped over 180 displaced workers during the pandemic secure employment, and achieved an overall NPS score of 9.2.

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Retrained gave me the support and guidance to do a career change in the middle of the pandemic while unemployed, along with the confidence in my transferable skills. It was so refreshing and empowering."
Angela Wotherspoon, Customer Experience at Hairydog

"The Retrained program helped me a lot with my interview, helped me gain confidence and clarity. Thanks for the support and guidance throughout the process."
Sruthi Ashwathappa, Salesforce Professional at Pracedo