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Chief of Staff Handbook

Unique journeys, challenges and solutions as a CoS

The Chief of Staff role is the wild west of job titles—there are no set rules, no traditional playbook, and no defined responsibilities. Despite their adaptive nature and impressive skillset, there are common challenges that continue to be highlighted within our Chief of Staff global community. It's like the role is still a bit of a mystery and there are questions left unanswered.

Enter our Handbook!

Crafted from interviews with Chiefs of Staff worldwide and our team’s expertise, this guide reveals unique journeys, challenges and solutions, how to land a Chief of Staff role, and relevant career pathways.

Inside this free report:

✔️ What a Chief of Staff actually does. 

✔️ How to land a Chief of Staff role. 

✔️ How to build effective relationships with the Founder/CEO and the team as a Chief of Staff. 

✔️ Challenges (and solutions) from Chiefs of Staff 

✔️ How to thrive as a Chief of Staff

This is an interview-led report, meaning you'll gain access to insights and experiences from:

🚀 Adam Rumke, CoS at CLO Studio Ltd 

🚀 Amy Springer, CoS at Functionly 

🚀 Antonia Williams, CoS at Cognism 

🚀 Ayllin Yassin, CoS at Dexory 

🚀 Aymee Cornish, CoS at Think & Grow 

🚀 Dan Danilov, CoS at Tracksuit 

🚀 Maddi Ingham, CoS at Verve 

🚀 Matt Mugan, CoS at BX 

🚀 Scott Bales, CoS at Microsoft APAC 

🚀 Stephan Hartl, CoS at Deutsche Bank CEO Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa

🚀 Tara Shaw, CoS at Fifty Technology Ltd 

🚀 Viktor Kyosev, CoS at Docquity 


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