We are passionate about the startup community and actively encourage participation, thought leadership and knowledge sharing.

Upcoming Events

Perth Startups Unwrapped, June 16th, 5:30pm - 7:30pm in Perth

Join Think&Grow and some of Perths exceptional founders and investors for a panel discussion around access to talent and capital, local connectedness and other geographical themes making WA both a challenge and a blessing for starting up in comparison to the east coast.

International Expansion for Aussie Founders, June 9th 8:00am - 9:30am in Melbourne

Join Hugo, Partner at Think&Grow and Dan Krasnostein at SquarePeg Capital in Melbourne for a fireside discussion and panel on international expansion for startups. We will be joined by featuring Australian Tech Founders and Companies to exchange experiences of scaling global business across Israel, the UK and Australian Markets.

Event Types

We play an active role in the ecosystem to enable a thriving community by “connecting the dots”. Various event formats include:

Chairman roundtables
Engaging leading board members to discuss specific topics and create action plans which affect positive change for the health of the ecosystem. Issues include the future of remuneration and the role of the board when scaling globally.

International growth focus
We bring together founders and c-level executives and connect them with service providers who can help them to unlock scale. This includes partnerships with government bodies, as well as advisory roles held with NZTE and Vic Government.

Group specific
Intimate events for the top leaders within functional (product, engineering, HR and marketing) and industry (marketplaces, fintech, SaaS, health) verticals to discuss “how to scale global” & share lessons in doing so. Centred around keynote speaker.

We love to partner with other companies and community supporters. Examples include the Xero Scaling For Growth Series and partner with VC funds and government to create high impact workshops.