Leadership Development
leadership development

Learn what it takes to be a great leader in a fast-growth business

What is Leadership Development?

We back the humans behind tech start-ups and scale-ups.

We offer strategy and connection to mentors and experts in your field, as well as opening up leadership pathways and groups. By revealing to new leaders what it takes to be a fantastic leader in a future of work company, your business can scale and thrive. 

This service can be extended to individuals or an entire leadership team.

Why Leadership Development?

We offer this service for three main reasons: 

Some businesses choose to fill leadership roles from the existing team, often promoting employees into their first leadership role. Coaching can help you, as a new leader, transition and understand what is expected of you, raising your confidence as well as your success within your new role. 

Leadership teams are often made up of different people, personalities, and roles. Aligning the business goals and how they work together enables a more balanced and cohesive culture.

As start-ups look to their scaling strategy, it's vital that the leadership team is aligned with that strategy and that it's filled with the right people, bringing the right experience to the table.  

Your coaches

With combined decades of experience in start-ups, advisory roles and career transitioning themselves, our experts and coaches are here to support you with every step of your growth and career progression.


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