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people advisory
We create and cultivate scalable workplace cultures that reward, develop and propel teams

Attract and retain high-calibre talent as you scale

Employee experience is becoming as important as the customer experience. Customers generate revenue and grow the business – so do your people. So, how you build your team and how you prioritise their development will have a direct impact on growth and performance.

Our individual People Advisory services can be combined into one all-encompassing service or you can select the ones you need to plug any gaps in your culture, team structure and benchmarking ahead of scaling your business.

Your experience with us will be entirely bespoke to your business' needs and goals. 

Organisational (Org) Design

As soon as your core team expands, an effective org design is hugely beneficial for every start-up and beyond.

We like to think of org design as building blocks that serve as your foundation for growth, dictating the talent you need and when as well as the roles and responsibilities that will naturally propel your business forward. 

We will advise and structure your Org Design based on our reviews and assessments of your business model and team, covering talent structure and management to salary benchmarking and international expansion opportunities.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

An EVP incorporates your mission, values and your ‘why’ into a key document and foundation in your business. An EVP can: 

  • Cement your mission and values 
  • Be a key driver in attracting the best talent 
  • Help you to engage and retain your current employees 
  • Assist in branding decisions and investor pitches 

We’ll conduct a series of workshops, 1-1s and reviews with the founders and leadership team to develop a meaningful and practical EVP. This will empower you and your team to scale and head in the direction you want to go in. 

Culture for Growth

We’ll provide you with an overview of engagement, current sentiment and your team dynamics (especially amongst leadership), before assisting you in creating an energising and productive culture stemming from your core values and aligned with your targets.  

With both qualitative (interviews and workshops) and quantitative (surveys) research, we’ll uncover unforeseen challenges and identify motivation levels within your team, plus any key differences between roles and responsibilities. We'll follow this by recommending actions for how to develop a culture to drive growth.

Salary Benchmarking

We’ll support you with real market data across all roles and functions so that you can be competitive with your salary and compensation structures. 

Whether you’re heading into a capital round or adjusting and reviewing strategies as you reach a listing, we’ll help you feel confident in your benchmarking whilst staying within your budget.

Working with Think & Grow has been useful as a sounding board to structure our growth, setting the strategy of expansion, and setting things in motion. Having access to assistance with important outcomes without conflict or agenda is really rare to find in the start-up space.


- Clayton Daniel, Managing Director of XY Advisor


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