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Learn the secrets to scaling

Our workshops are designed specifically for founders and executives to gain confidence and clarity in their decision-making for scaling their business. It’s a safe space that encourages transparency and problem solving. 

With a range of topics and expertise offered, you will leave with a clear strategy, actions to take and notable connections you can take forward.

Our workshops find solutions to the most common and most challenging change leaders face.

The Growth Workshop

Supporting founders and executives drive tangible business outcomes aligned to their growth targets. These workshops vary in content, but previously, we've covered:

  • Factors to sustainable scaling
  • Founder & CEO responsibilities to enable growth
  • When to consider expanding your team and HQ


The People Workshop

Revealing strategies and insights for how to attract and retain top talent to grow your business. Covering a variety of topics including: 

  • A culture designed to fast-track growth
  • Strategic org design for your team
  • Competitive salary benchmarking
  • An attractive EVP 

The Global Expansion Workshop

Outlining the essential knowledge and actions necessary to support a successful launch in a new market. Covering go-to-market strategies such as:

  • How to conduct market research
  • Communicating your niche in a new market
  • PR and events for brand awareness
  • Hiring your first key hires in a new location
  • How to secure your first customers
  • Beneficial partnerships and making the right connections 

The workshop is a highly valuable opportunity to take an objective look at your business and figure out how you can make it better.


- Felicia Coco, Founder of LaunchLink


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