The Australian Start-Up Salary Guide 2022/23 is in the works

Discover the origin story of this guide, what we've achieved with the last three editions and why this 22/23 is going to be our greatest release yet.
Jonathan Jeffries
August 4, 2022

We’ve been blown away by the responses from companies submitting their data in the first week of launching the 2022/2023 Start-Up Salary Survey. 

If you have not yet received your email invitation click here. The survey is open until 26th August 2022.

The Start-Up Salary Guide’s origin story

This is the fourth edition of this guide. Our purpose behind the original, and what we’ve continued to achieve with the three others since, was to inject transparency into the Australian start-up ecosystem for employers and employees alike. 

Primarily, we designed it to support founders, business leaders and job seekers, enabling them to have clarity and confidence with decision-making and future planning.

The need-to-know challenges (and solutions) in Australia’s start-up ecosystem 

Those outside the start-up ecosystem need to have knowledge of the biggest challenges tech start-ups face and those within the ecosystem must get to grips with the annual shifts. 

For example, one of the most consistent challenges we see with regard to growth, is addressing talent gaps. The Start-Up Salary Guide highlights this in more detail and provides solutions from experienced professionals in the community. 

Why this year’s release will be our greatest yet 

Last year, over 140 startups from across the ecosystem provided data, with companies ranging from bootstrapped through to listed companies. This year, we’re leveraging our network and our learnings from 2021/2022 to produce cornerstone content and insights: 

  • We are once again approaching a variety of businesses across Australia, from VC-backed to privately funded, as well as actively seeking out the Australian offices of international businesses.
  • We’ve partnered with data agency, Fifty5five, for an easier experience for companies to provide salary data by role type.
  • All participating companies get anonymised raw data and this year, they can also purchase a personalised benchmarking report comparing their business to peers in their sector.

By providing data points for founders and having the independence to inform both sides with a year-on-year comparison to last year’s report, we are able to offer even more of that much-needed transparency piece to the start-up ecosystem once again. 

If you have not yet received your email invitation click here. The survey is open until 26th August 2022. 

We believe great people grow great companies 

Think and Grow plans to continue making it easier for founders and executives to scale their business by growing their team: 

  • With expansion of our own team into the UK and Singapore. 
  • By increasing our depth of services to support talent and teams with EVP, Org Design, Growth Programs, Expanding Coaching with founders and Career Transitions.

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