Startup Board Report 2019

Read our latest report, taking a deep dive into Startup boards in Australia. In partnership with KPMG High Growth Ventures.
Anthony Sochan
April 1, 2019

Think and Grow in partnership with KPMG High Growth Ventures have recently completed a deep dive into Startup boards in Australia. Based upon in-depth interviews with 26 startup board directors globally and a survey of over 70 Australian startups this report paints a comprehensive picture of what the current state of boards are in Australia and what opportunities exist to improve things.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Only one in four Australian startups have an independent director on their board
  • 65% of startups don’t have a formal recruitment process for board members
  • 92% of startups have board members who are external investors in that startup
  • Close to one in four (24%) said they would not choose the same board again, with startups who have completed Series A, Series B and Series C+ funding rounds much more likely more likely to say that they’d change their board if they could go back, relative to seed stage funded start-ups (30% vs 15%).
  • Only half (50%) of startups compensate their board members with cash or equity.

We are super excited to be launching this report alongside the KPMG High Growth Ventures team.

Anthony Sochan

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