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Meet the team: Vicky Klonaridis

Meet the team Vicky Klonaridis, Partner

Our pride for how we help our clients all comes from the people within our team, who are united by a passion for seeing people thrive in a job and organisation they love whilst enabling tech businesses to grow and continue making the world a better place.

Individually, everyone is unique in their approach, expertise and experience. Our team series celebrates those differences, giving you a closer look at the humans behind the growth and success we’re able to offer to our clients and the tech start-up community. 

The latest article puts the spotlight on Vicky Klonaridis. As a Think & Grow Partner, she delivers excellent service to our clients, helping them source and secure top leadership talent in order to scale their business. Read more about her experience and her thoughts on how the start-up community can create more opportunities for women in tech. 

What are your key areas of expertise at Think & Grow?

I head up the Research and Delivery function for Executive Search at Think & Grow. My background and specialities include:

  • Combined 20+ years Onsite / Executive Recruitment
  • Ability to Globally Search & Recruit
  • Candidate Market Analysis
  • Team Culture Alignment

Anything in your previous work experience that shaped the human you are today?  

Having had my own start-up agency before I knew the challenges that faced us, I quickly learned how to be resilient and ready for the next battle I would have to fight. Juggling work / life balance, prioritising a young family and mental health with COVID disruptions was certainly tough. We must remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel and a community to lean on if and when we need it.

At age 22, I found myself standing in weekly boardroom meetings within the industrial sector, and as the only female manager it was quite the challenge. I had to work extra hard to prove my worth and my ability. This experience taught me that building up and empowering other women around me gave me more confidence and the numbers I needed to make a change in the industry. After 20+ years in the industry I can see we are making a difference and paving the way for balance.

What is it about your role that you are most passionate about? 

I’m focused on delivering results and continuous improvement strategies that meet business needs across multiple industries and disciplines. 

Working with a diverse range of talent is so important to me and my clients, and I am grateful to be able to employ talent based on being a good human, not on gender.

What social issues speak to you and how do you think companies could champion them better? 

Gender balance is a really important issue in most organisations. 

We often get asked by clients to help with a balance in shortlist presentations. We know this is tough and even though we still have a way to go, I do believe that women are forging a gender equal world with their voice. 

We encourage clients to create more opportunities for training, coaching and mentorship practices for female employees’ career development. We can inspire and help build healthy environments for everyone in the workforce and no longer have the conversation or challenges around inequality.

What’s a surprising or positive trend you’ve noticed that is impacting Australian start-up success in the local market or expanding globally?  

Australia presents all the signs of a thriving start-up economy. While there are quite a few challenges right now and it’s all a bit rocky for many businesses, I believe this community is resilient and supportive. 

What attracted you to join Think & Grow?

JJ, Think & Grow co-founder set the initial tone for how unique Think & Grow’s approach really is, definitely not your typical recruitment agency. Each team member I met had expertise in different areas and I loved that. Behind the growth and success of the organisation was a team that celebrates wins and helps build on the next phase, hand in hand with clients and the start-up community.

Connect with Vicky for how she can help you hire top talent in your leadership team at

ARTICLE by Vicky Klonaridis, Partner, 6 October 2022


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