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5 timeless skills that are transferable to a new career

These skills will stand the test of time, no matter what happens in our digital workplace and world.

Changing your career or transitioning into a new industry can feel daunting, overwhelming and at times, impossible. Especially when you’re convinced that you don’t possess the skills or experience needed to land your dream job. 

We have great news for you. Are you ready for a confidence boost? Because you probably possess a lot more skills and valuable experience than you think you do. Some skills will stand the test of time, no matter what happens in our digital workplace and world. 

To prove it to you, a few of the Think & Grow coaches are sharing some of the most desired timeless skills that are worth shouting about in your job application. 

Transferable timeless skill 1: Simplifying the hard stuff 

“Tech companies and start-ups are fast-paced environments, and people who bring a problem-solving mindset thrive. A skill that is often taken for granted is the ability to simplify (we do this for children). You will be able to get your point across much quicker when it's easier to explain to your stakeholders internally and externally.” - Vinisha Rathod, Think & Grow Partner & Project One Coach

Transferable timeless skill 2: A great communicator

“How you articulate yourself is one of the most valuable and significant skills you can possess in any role. Every single role, even in a developer role, you will need to communicate internally, potentially externally. For example, start-up product teams rely heavily on sound communication between them in order to build and develop the right product and features.”  - Kate Harris-Slade, Think & Grow Partner & Project One Coach

Transferable timeless skill 3: Striving towards equanimity 

“It is normal in every job and in life to be confronted with challenges and stress, however it is our choice to decide how we handle them. Equanimity is a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience, emotions or pain that may cause you to lose balance of the mind. Challenges and unexpected situations can arise in the workplace - being able to take responsibility, remain calm (both internally and externally) and handle them with integrity is the key to prevailing them. Not everyone has this skill, so if you have it, you have the ability to impact the atmosphere and that’s valuable in any role and company.” - Vinisha Rathod, Think & Grow Partner & Project One Coach

Transferable timeless skill 4: Being adaptable to change 

“I know first-hand that this skill is transferable because I’ve had to use it! In a start-up or scale-up, this skill is underrated because these types of businesses are constantly evolving. Not just in KPIs, but in direction, team, location and leadership.” - Francesca Jacinto-Lopez, Think & Grow Coordinator & Project One Coach

Transferable timeless skill 5: A growth mindset

“There are many elements that set people with a growth mindset apart to those with a fixed mindset. Below are some of my personally favorites that I believe are timeless across our entire lives: 

  • Viewing mistakes as opportunities to learn.
  • Using feedback as a way to grow; reflecting on what resonates and why some things are harder to digest.
  • Identifying the difference between what is your responsibility or worth changing vs other people’s projections of what is. 

All of these contribute to a healthy growth mindset that will not only help to grow the business, but you personally in that role too.” - Vinisha Rathod, Think & Grow Partner & Project One Coach

One of the biggest highlights for Project One participants is their surprise and shock to discover just how many transferable skills and experience they have to offer. 

What our coaches do within Project One is teach them how to harness and validate those skills into their job applications and interviews so that they can confidently apply for their dream role and career! 

Find out more about Project One here.

ARTICLE by Vinisha Rathod, Partner, 1 February 2023


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