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Welcome to Project One  

A free 4-week coaching program, designed by Think & Grow, to help move priority groups of people into fulfilling roles and careers in high-growth sectors.

Project One is supported by the Victorian Government through Jobs Victoria’s Priority Workforce Projects.

We're accepting applications from women in Victoria, Australia for our February cohort!

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How the program works

Project One will guide you through the job hunting process, whilst building your CV and Linkedin profile to show off your skills and strengths -- all at no cost to you. 



Gain exclusive knowledge with the training workshops led by our coaches and special guests, covering:

  • The current workforce & recruitment process
  • How to stand out on a CV and your  Linkedin profile
  • Your skill set and strengths

1-1 Coaching

You'll have 1-1 video sessions with our coaches (who are also Think & Grow recruiters) on how to interview like a seasoned pro and make yourself stand out.

They'll help prep you for interviews to ease your nerves, so you feel confident for each one.



Our digital community platform is a supportive space where 'silly questions' don't exist! Access free resources and chat with other participants in Project One, and of course, your coaches. 


Why Project One?

We've helped 90+ women take their next career step. Hear from Project One participants as they share why they loved the program and how it's helped them achieve their ambitions. 

HubSpot Video

"The mentors were approachable and direct, providing a clear vision of where my transferable skills would compliment many facets of the digital industry. I felt a sense of stability and reassurance I hadn’t felt since arriving in Australia. I have already received an offer and will be starting a new position that complements my lifestyle here in a few weeks!" - Sydney Rhodes

"Words are not enough to express my gratitude to the Project One and Think & Grow team. It was a journey of self-discovery, confidence-building and believing you can tap into the workforce and carve a niche for yourself- Cecilia Lugo

Who we are

Participants find our coaches to be incredibly supportive and relatable. Not only are they thoroughly immersed in the recruitment and tech industries, having worked in both corporate companies and start-ups, but they also bring shared experiences such as career transitioning and returning to the workforce after a break. They will be with you every step of your journey.


Jonathan Jeffries (JJ)

Co-Founder of Think & Grow, JJ has spent over 15 years in the recruitment and tech industries, helping not just businesses hire key people for growth, but developing candidates to grow in confidence and align skill sets to roles.

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Anthony Sochan

Co-Founder of Think & Grow, Anthony has always believed that talent is the catalyst for change and driver within a business of growth and performance.

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Kylie Kneale

Kylie has worked in the corporate world and start-ups in the Sales & Marketing field. She understands the opportunities fast-growth tech companies can offer and talks candidates through what to expect when they make that transition.

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Vinisha Rathod

Vinisha is passionate about using her experience in organisation design, change management, HR, culture and leadership to promote socio-economic diversity and create safe spaces to harness people's potential in the fast-growing tech space!

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Aymee Cornish

Head of Operations at Think & Grow and Project One coach, Aymee has a thorough background in operations within fast-growth tech companies.

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Andree Maragfoou

Andree is a Senior Consultant at Think & Grow, and has a strong background in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Adult Training & Development. He offers Project One participants sound advice and coaching when it comes to interviews.

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Kate Harris-Slade

Kate has a true passion for helping people to achieve their career goals and business aspirations, she is a 1-1 coach for Project One and Think & Grow Partner.

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Francesca Jacinta-Lopez 

Francesca transitioned into the fast-growth tech space after being made redundant during covid after 10+ years in the hospitality sector. She was mentored by Kylie to embrace her skills in customer service, design, and communication.

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Kerrianne Darling

Kerrianne is a counselor, educational consultant and wellness coach with 35+ years of experience, she provides mental health support for participants during the program.

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